Edible Gardens

Edible Garden Plan

On the drawing board – a freshly completed edible garden design for a new up-scale restaurant on 30A. Farm-to-table concepts and serving local and seasonal produce are not just for the elite or the well-heeled foodies hailing from the west coast. The best way we can nourish our bodies is with whole food that is grown locally and eaten seasonally.

What better way to do this than incorporate an edible garden in your landscape. Container gardens, mixing edibles with ornamentals, and carving out small spaces for a few tomatoes, herbs, and maybe a fruit tree are simple ways to introduce edibles.

Worried about what the neighbors might think? No need. Cleverly disguise edibles among the flowers. Make your edible garden a feature that is connected to other garden elements, e.g. a trellis that supports beans or kiwi. Add elements like a bench or a fountain that break up the look of a veggie patch. Keep everything well mulched with a natural material like pine straw to keep the garden looking clean and tidy. Be sure to start with a good plan to use as a guide in bringing your edible garden to life.

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